About Me

 Hello, welcome to my blog Shimmer Lashes.

My name is Chloe and I am 22 years old, a qualified beauty therapist and nail technician and I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I love anything to do with beauty, fashion and a huge lover of anything cute, sparkly and girly. I am a shopaholic and I admit that I cannot save money, I'm always spending, Ooops!

After many months of searching through blogs I decided to create my own at the beginning of February 2013. I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog and you will find many posts such as reviews, hauls, wish lists and many more! I want to thank everyone who has viewed my blog, left comments and followed me, it's means a lot to me to know that you like my blog and leaving feedback helps a lot!

Blogging has become a big part in my life and I'm always thinking of what posts to do next. I have spoken to some lovely people since becoming a blogger and would love to meet some of you.

Finally I want to say thank you for taking your time reading this and reading my blog.  Thank you for your comments and your feedback I really do appreciate it.

Lots of Love